WhatsApp Users, Beware. WhatsApp Hack Can Shut You Down.

Tony Capo

Are you a WhatsApp user? Good luck. WhatsApp is probably the least secure messenger around. Not only is it not secure, but there are first hand incidents of exploitation and disruption you should know about.

First of all, WhatsApp claims to be secure, but by what standard, and using encryption they claim to be secure. However, they can shut you down for using abusive or threatening language and ban your number.

The WhatsApp hack trick most common is the ban trick. We won’t discuss it here for various reasons, but within a few hours your WhatsApp connection could be shut down indefinitely, and a simple trick even a child could perform can stop you dead in your tracks.

Tony Capo and his crew no longer use WhatsApp for this very reason. To contact them try Telegram or a simple call to +1-480–400–4600 will do the trick.

Flip phones are more secure nowadays than any other device because of their simple programming. They are impossible to exploit using the most popular Remote Access Tools or RAT’s as they are called.

Lexi Meta, Girl Hacker, was a huge fan of WhatsApp. Not the case anymore. “Might as well be giving all your contacts away”, she noted. A WhatsApp hack was performed and her info was in the victims phone. Somehow or another the hacker ended up sending files to someone she knew who was in her contact list. That’s how deep it gets. WhatsApp is not safe. Get rid of it. You might as well be calling people on Facebook, or flying paper airplanes with messages in them.

Lexi Meta

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