How Do Hackers Hack Android, iPhone, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or Any Social Media Platform?

Hacker, Inc

Obviously, we assume that you are not going to break the law, and you are doing this to test your skills as a hacker right? We don’t condone any sort of illegal activity and we don’t want to encourage you to break multiple laws, go to jail, or any of that. We do not want you to get into trouble, OK?

So, hacking #Android is a little easier remotely that #hacking #iphone. In fact, Android based firmware is designed on a #linux platform and #Apple devices are programmed in C. (C is a computer language)

Anytime you want to get into an app, an account, an #email or other #socialmedia platform, the easiest way is through the device that hosts the #platform you are trying to gain access to. The reason is because the app installed on the device recognizes the device as safe, and assumes there is one user. This is also the reason why there is 2FA or two-factor #authorization attached to many accounts. Websites even use it to assure no one else gains access to your account. In order to gain #access to the app, you must first exploit the device it is hosted on, or invest 20k in a virtual cell tower capable of transmitting in 4G or better.

The weakest link in any chain is the user of the device itself. It is so easy to trick people into giving up access to their devices. In fact, the people who consider themselves, ‘smart’ and ‘untrickable’, are the first to get whacked. The reason is because they are creatures of habit and tracking their activity is easier than one might think.

The dangers of hacking into someone else’s device is the same as breaking into their house, according to the law. You will be arrested if caught and most likely lose your ability to ever use a phone or electronic device again. Worst case scenario, #prison. The reason one hires a 3rd party or “hacker”, is so they don’t have to go to jail, or mess up any processes along the way which will ultimately cause them to fail. Unless you have experience in #datapenetration, leave it alone, it will take you forever to figure out, and the #upgrades to security are endless.

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