How Can You Tell The Difference Between a Hacker for Hire and a Scammer

Hire a Hacker

When you hire a hacker online, here are a few things to remember:

  1. On the totem pole of intelligence you will find there are levels. At the very base of the pole, are the least intelligent of all earthly beings, Nigerians. They sit right below neanderthals and just above those guys, East Indians. There are no real hackers for hire coming out of India. Indians are untrustworthy overall and should never be trusted with money. Often, our emails are full of spam from Indians trying to help us build our website or some menial service. As usual, from a Gmail account.
  2. Never trust a Nigerian. These people are impoverished and will do anything for a buck. 75% of all Nigerians live in poverty. If this were not the case, hacking into a phone wouldn’t cost $250.00. They will say anything to get your money. Here is how you can tell if they are Nigerian. Ask them to call you on the phone, Telegram or otherwise. The accents are so distinct that you will realize it’s a scam in the first few words.
  3. Check the Fake Hackers Official website. There you can subscribe and keep posted on the new scammers that lurk the internet. The list is updated daily.

Contact a professional if you have any questions.

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